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Polar Consulting leverages over 25 years of experience in the composite industry to assist individuals and global organisations looking to embark on their composites venture. Whether you’re aiming to launch a composites company, establish a new business division, or internalise your composite production, we provide comprehensive solutions.

               Our expertise spans business strategy, optimal factory design, cost-efficient equipment acquisition, supply chain management, staffing, training, process improvement, and financial management. With our guidance, we demystify the challenges and empower you to take charge of your composite manufacturing needs.

In order to hit the ground running we follow the following principals:

phase 1


phase 2


phase 3


If you’re looking for a bespoke service, we offer personalised solutions designed specifically to address your unique requirements.


Phase One

The initial phase involves defining the aspirations of your business or division – clarifying your desired identity and the milestones to achieve it. Once the vision and forecasts are established and approved, the focus shifts to implementing the physical framework within defined budgets. In essence, this framework serves as your starting point, a foundational base camp for your journey.

Define your business vision, mission and values; meticulously outline each stage; and establish robust task monitoring mechanisms.

Strategy & Planning

Establishing the brand by documenting clear logo, messaging and brand guidelines. Positioning marketing efforts, and outlining the strategy, activities, and tools, including the website.

Brand & Marketing

Project financial forecasts for the next 3 to 5 years, aligning with client budgets, encompassing P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, OPEX, and CAPEX.

Financial Modelling & Budgets

Collaboratively, we will identify the optimal site or plot, whether existing or new. Detailed floor plan layouts will then be crafted to enhance efficiency and streamline production flow.

Site Sourcing & Floor plan layout

Tailored to your objectives, we will furnish a machinery list and collaborate with our partners to determine specifications, secure the best prices, and ensure a seamless supply process.

Equipment Procurement

Working with the chosen engineering consultant, we will provide assistance throughout the fit-out process.

Factory Fitout & Management

Guaranteeing successful commissioning, adherence to servicing protocols, and comprehensive training procedures.

Machinery Installation


Phase Two

With the foundations firmly established, phase two -Enterprise – centres on the essentials for part production. This involves setting the culture, bringing in the right people, establishing a supply chain network and ensuring the implementation of robust and adhered-to processes.

Establishing a comprehensive company handbook that outlines the expected conduct for employees across all levels. Clearly articulating the fundamental principles of organisational etiquette and protocol.

Cultures and Best Practices

Collaborating with selected firms and brokers to guarantee comprehensive company-wide safeguards, covering everything from terms and conditions to insurance policies.


Creating organisational charts, defining job roles through detailed descriptions, establishing structured interview procedures, and crafting comprehensive employment offers and contracts.


Onboarding procedures, development of training manuals, implementing “train the trainer” programs, obtaining sign-offs, maintaining a skills matrix, and actively monitoring progress.

Production Training

Leveraging our expansive supply chain network to secure top-quality materials, favourable pricing, terms and reliable supply. Including supplier visits and audits where required.

Inventory & Supply chain management

Strategically identifying target customers and industry sectors. Collaborating with the marketing team to develop a robust CRM database and enhance company exposure. Structuring Bill of Materials (BOM) and routing cost effectively, crafting clear and compelling proposal formats, and establishing coherent supply terms from the outset.

Business Development

Evaluating the preferred ERP system and advantageous accreditations to bolster the business and facilitate its expansion. Strategically outlining the implementation plan, including details on timing and the individuals responsible for driving these initiatives.

ERP & Accreditations

Effective project management and engineering seamlessly integrate to drive successful outcomes. Meticulous planning, resource allocation, and innovative problem-solving define project management, while engineering brings technical expertise, precision, and creativity. Together, they form a dynamic partnership ensuring the seamless execution and delivery of complex projects.

Project Management & Engineering


Phase Three

The initial two phases have laid a robust foundation, and phase three directs attention towards the subsequent stages in the business lifecycle: Momentum, Survival, Success, Take Off, and Resource Maturity. From this juncture, we can engage with you in any capacity you deem necessary, or alternatively, afford you the autonomy to proceed independently. Should you opt for our assistance, the following options are available:

Available to offer support on an ad hoc basis, often addressing specific challenges as they arise to ensure continuity and stability. The mode of support, whether remote or on-site, will be determined by the nature of the assistance needed.

Typical structure: Billed at an hourly rate or a fixed sum, depending on the specific task or set of tasks at hand.


Providing guidance and expertise to enhance the organisation’s business performance in areas such as Operations, Strategy, Management, Finance, Marketing, HR, and Supply Chain. Accessible on a daily basis, ensuring a minimum commitment of one monthly onsite visit, coupled with active participation in virtual meetings weekly.

Typical Structure: Engaged through a monthly retainer with bonus options based on performance outcomes.


Responsible for ensuring the organisation aligns with strategic goals, vision, mission, and values. Reviews decisions and provides support in senior hires. Ensures legal and ethical compliance of the company. Mentors and oversees upper management, supporting strategic implementation. Monitors company resources, financial statements, and accounts. Onsite as a minimum twice a month.

Typical Structure: Fees and shareholding

Board member